The Coupe de Montréal 2018 – 25th Anniversary is finally sanctioned!

The Fédération de Natation du Québec (FNQ) has undergone many revisions to its processes for the Master’s meet regulations during the summer of 2018. Following the summer, the suggested changes were officially released in October 2018, and specifically for the meets part of the “circuit de la Coupe du Québec”. The organizing committee of the Coupe de Montréal had to perform many adjustments in the sections of the Technical Questions and the process for the Athlete’s Registrations in the official invitation. Many, many days of delays have been induced due to these modifications and the ability to obtain the sanction quickly.

The organizing committee of the Coupe de Montréal highly hopes that the late sanction date for the official invitation to the Coupe de Montréal 2018 – 25th Anniversary, and the early closing date for registration, won’t influence the number of athletes registering to the Meet. The FNQ has already sent a message to all the meet registrars for all the Master Swimmers clubs in Québec.

The sanction number for the Coupe de Montréal 2018, 25th Anniversary is 32096.