Board of Directors

The 2022-2023 À Contre-Courant (ACC) board of directors is composed of the following 9 members:

  • Pierre-Luc Turgeon, president
  • Guillaume Thibault, vice-president
  • Philippe Brassard-Gagnon, treasurer
  • Gilles Brunet, secretary
  • Annie Bélanger, administrator
  • Marianne Thibeault, administrator
  • Martin Girard, administrator
  • Éric Haineault, administrator
  • Alexandre Lavoie, administrator

Tasks for 2022-2023


  • Member database: Pierre-Luc Turgeon
  • Club affiliations coordinator : Pablo Conde
  • Club registrar: Pablo Conde

Ongoing Activities Management

  • Schedules and pools: Guy Allard
  • Human resources and coaching management: TBD
  • Payroll: Simon Larocque
  • Person in charge of officials: Michel Arnold
  • Spinoff products (swimsuits, bonnets, etc.): TBD
  • Records keepers: André Villeneuve and Benoit Ethier


  • E-mail box ( Guy Allard
  • Voice mailbox (514-990-CLUB): Florian Meyer
  • Electronic newsletter – eAU COURANTe: François Gauvin
  • Post office box: Philippe Brassard-Gagnon
  • Web site: Pierre-Luc Turgeon and Damien Ascargorta

Coupe de Montréal

  • Coupe de Montréal coordination: Martin Girard

Other Activities

  • Coordinator for club participation in the Gay Pride parade: TBD
  • Coordinator for club participation in Pride Community Day: TBD
  • Birthday cards: TBD

Competition Participation

  • Registration for competitions : Pablo Conde


  • Coordonnator: Pierre-Olivier Laliberté
  • Treasurer: Jean-Philippe Noël
  • Registration : Guillaume Thibault
  • Tournament : Hassen Allegue
  • Home tournament: Pierre-Olivier Laliberté, Alexandre Lavoie, Éric Haineault & Guillaume Thibault
  • Social activities: Alexandre Lavoie & Guillaume Thibault
  • Equipment: Alexandre Lavoie & Geneviève Sainte-Marie