Technical Bulletin

Steering Committee

Martin Girard, Meet Director

514 524-8908

Carole Thomas, Referee of the meet

Michel Arnold, Co-Officials Manager

Emmanuel de Chancenotte, Co-Officials Manager

Anne Girard, Registrar

Technical Meeting

A technical meeting for coaches or team representatives takes place at 8:30 on the pool deck in front of the Clerk of Course table.

Event Details

Each athlete will have the official program available online, alongside his or her assigned heat(s) and lane(s) for all individual events.

Typical day for the athletes – specific conduct – protocol COVID-19

  • The athlete arrives at the pool entrance to register. The right hand will be stamped if the proper COVIDE-19 conditions are met. Throughout the day, he could get a re-stamp at the Clerk of Course desk if need to.
  • The athlete will then go to the locker rooms to change.
  • Once ready, the athlete has 2 options: either head for a maximum 20 minutes warm-up, if his team’s session is in effect. Otherwise, he will need to go to the stands, where he will be able to meet his teammates, or other ‘unattached’ swimmers.
  • The athlete will hang out in the stands throughout the competition, except when he must head to the pool for an event or cool-down.
  • The athlete must make sure to head in the activation zone #3 (the third heat from start), then will migrate into zone #2, and finally zone #1, where he will be putting his personal effects in his bag and then head to the start block, upon the Referee signal.
  • The athlete wears his masks at all times, but in the water.
  • The athlete does not errand or hang out on the pool deck, but rather returns quickly to the locker rooms or the stands at all times.

Access to the pool

The stamp from your morning registration will be required at all times to gain access to the pool. It will be verified by a volunteer from the Risk Management team, who will be posted at the entrance of the locker rooms on the pool side. All swimmers are asked to enter and leave the pool area only through the locker room throughout the duration of the meet.

Lockers and security

Athletes must use the lockers reserved for their use. Locks may not be left on lockers once the meet is over, otherwise they will be cut off and the locker’s contents sent to lost and found. We recommend that you do not leave valuables in the lockers. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Food and beverages

Some fruit and pastries will be available for the athletes. Vending machines are available on site. A number of restaurants are also located nearby on Fleury Street, north of the sports complex. Breakfast and lunch will be served to volunteers and officials in the designated rest area.


As a courtesy, coaches are asked to advise the Clerk of Course as soon as possible of any scratches involving his or her athletes and relay teams.

Record attempts

If you believe you may break a record during one of your events, let the Clerk of Course know in advance. All national and provincial records will be verified for all events.

Warm-up/ Warm-down procedures

Warm-up – specific conduct – protocol COVID-19

With respect to sanitary measures, the warm-up sessions in the program will be divided in 2 periods for both pools. Each teams has a specific window period within each warm-up session. Each period will be of 20 minutes each. Furthermore, to comply with the maximum number of 8 swimmer per lane (and of 24 swimmer per zone), each pool is divived in 3 zones.

Team assignments VS period, zones and pools
South pool North pool
Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F
Period 1: 8h00 à 8h20 (morning) or first 20 minutes of the afternoon warm-up
Period 2: 8h30 à 8h50 (morning) or last 20 minutes of the afternoon warm-up

Relays – specific conduct – protocol COVID-19

Each athletes will have to tag along close with their relay teams. Only the activation zones 1 et 3 will be available during the relay, to insure proper physical distancing. Relays will be seeded on 8 lanes only (so 32 athletes in start zone, 32 athletes in activation zones #1 and #3).