Official Program

27th Coupe de Montréal

Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard Swimming Pool

November 13th, 2021


Fellow athletes,

We are thrilled to welcome you to this 27th “COVID-19” edition of the Coupe de Montréal des maîtres nageurs 2021. We are indeed excited to host you for this annual event, which is this year the first round of the Quebec Cup. We like to see that many of you attend our meet year after year – we are thankful for your committed participation to our event. To boost things up, we are privileged to welcome you to Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard, one of the fastest pools in Quebec.

We are very proud of the many À Contre-Courant members who manifest their unwavering commitment to their own Coupe de Montréal by participating in droves as competitors, officials, and volunteers. Thanks to this devotion and collective energy, the Coupe is now turning 27 years old. We would also like to extend our deepest appreciation to our sponsors and financial partners, whose continued support is vital to the success of this meet.

With multiple years of ongoing organizing experience for Masters Swimmers’ Meet, the organizing committee is proud to bring you the first major meet post-COVID times. Indeed will you find a few significant changes, but one thing surely will remain: the friendly spirit of Masters Swimmers’ camaraderie is here to stay. We sure hope to see you at the 28th edition of the Coupe de Montréal next year.

Last but not least, we wish all participants both fun and success. May your performance meet or exceed your goals!

Meet manager
For the Steering Committe

Quick Access


Saturday, November 12th 2022

7 h 15 am : Welcome and registration check-in
7 h 45 am : Officials’ meeting
8 h 00 to 8 h 50 : Warm-up
8 h 40 : Technical meeting for coaches or team representatives
9 h 00 : Start of events

  1. 200 m freestyle
  2. 50 m butterfly
  3. 100 m breaststroke
  4. 50 m freestyle
  5. 200 m backstroke
  6. 100 m IM
  7. 4 x 50 m freestyle relay

Break and warm-up (45 minutes)

  1. 4 x 50 m IM relay
  2. 200 m breaststroke
  3. 100 m freestyle
  4. 50 m dos
  5. 100 m butterfly
  6. 50 m breaststroke
  7. 400 m IM
  8. 400 m freestyle*

7 h 00 PM: Dinner

* The 400m freestyle event is limited to 50 swimmers (5 heats). First come, first serve. An event confirmation is required at the Clerk of Course no later than the end of event 7, 4 x 50 m freestyle. A waiting list will be setup in case of 50 entries and more. Heat lists will be confirmed at the end of event 12, 100m butterfly, at the discretion of the Meet Manager.